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His Story

Nick lives in Hoover, AL and is currently licensed in Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. He is able to provide exceptional service with a local feel. He travels all over to meet his customers and attends their closings. With a prior career in accounting, he's able to use his expertise to help his customers map out their specific financial needs. 

Recently awarded top 20 broker in Alabama as well as top 1% Mortgage Loan Originator nationwide. 

About the Team

In business since 2006, at North Alabama Mortgage, we treat every customer like they are our 'best friend's kid'. Whether this is your first time buying a home or your tenth, you'll receive exceptional attention and professionalism throughout the process. On average, we have our loans ready to close 8.6 days prior to the scheduled close date. This is a testament to our team's dynamic operations and attention to detail as we take care of our most important objective; getting you home on-time with the best financing option tailor-made just for you.

Our Vision

We stand in the gap to provide a better lending experience for our customers and realtor partners. By consistently exceeding expectations, we aim to build lasting relationships and create a positive impact on the communities we serve.

About Us

Common Loan Types

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans can have a fixed or adjustable interest rate and require a down payment of at least 3% of the purchase price. The borrower's credit score and financial history are important factors in determining eligibility for a conventional loan, and typically a higher credit score will result in a better interest rate. Conventional loans are often used by homebuyers who have a stable income and good credit, and who are looking to purchase a primary residence, vacation home, or investment property.

VA Loans

VA loans provide a great opportunity for eligible veterans and active-duty service members to become homeowners. These loans offer many benefits, including no down payment requirement, no private mortgage insurance requirement, and competitive interest rates. VA loans also have more lenient credit and income requirements than conventional loans. As a Certified VA Lending Specialist, I can help you navigate some of the more technical aspects of your VA Loan processing. 

Loan Types

FHA Loans

FHA loans are a type of mortgage loan that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). These loans are designed to help first-time homebuyers and those with low to moderate incomes who may not qualify for traditional home loans. FHA loans require a lower down payment, 3.5%,  making it easier for buyers to purchase a home. However, they also come with certain restrictions, such as a maximum loan amount and mortgage insurance premiums. FHA loans can be a good option for those looking to buy a home but may not have the resources for a large down payment or have a less-than-perfect credit score.

USDA Loans

USDA loans are a type of home loan offered by the United States Department of Agriculture to help individuals in rural and suburban areas buy or improve their homes. These loans are designed to promote rural development by providing affordable financing options to low and moderate-income households. USDA loans offer many benefits, including zero down payment, low interest rates, and flexible credit requirements. To be eligible for a USDA loan, the property must be located in a designated rural area and the borrower must meet certain income requirements.

Construction Loans

Construction loans are a type of loan that is designed to help finance the construction of a new building or property. Unlike a traditional mortgage, which is used to purchase an existing property, a construction loan provides funding for the construction process itself. Typically, these loans have higher interest rates and shorter repayment terms than traditional mortgages. Construction loans often require detailed plans and specifications, and they may be released in stages as the construction progresses. Once the construction is complete, the borrower will need to obtain permanent financing in order to pay off the construction loan. We can do both loans in a One-Time closing to cut your costs if you're thinking of building a new home.

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